What We Do

We at Talenteer help you find and recruit the right candidate for the position you want to recruit.

A successful recruitment process allows us to maintain a high pace and at the same time have a quality that exceeds all expectations. We are adaptable and take on individual recruitment assignments as well as acting as a long-term recruitment partner. We know that regardless of the arrangement, you will get the market’s best IT expertise in place faster than you think.

Talanteer are specialists in recruiting candidates for IT services.
“We at Acorn Technology are very satisfied with our collaboration with Talenteer. Lucinda (Recruiter at Talenteer) has a great positive energy,¬†she is responsive, quick, knowledgeable and finds good and suitable candidates for us. – Ashkan Akbarian, Consultant Manager”

We know recruitment

We who work at Talenteer have many years of experience in leading positions in IT, technology, marketing and sales. Added to that is our broad HR expertise.

We know where to look, how to make contact to arouse interest and what questions to ask to find the right candidate for a certain position. Our process is simple and fast. The result will be good, we dare say that after a series of successful recruitments.

“I had a really nice experience with you. You were so friendly from start to finish and patiently explained every step of the process. You also went above and beyond to clear my doubts even after our conversation by following up with me throughout the process. Hope Talenteer goes really well going forward! – Talent”

We keep in touch

There is a lot of competition for the very best candidates. A wide network is a good start. Personal communication is the icing on the cake. We have contact with many of our candidates long before the right assignment comes in, all in order to reach out as well and accurately as possible.

“For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel like I was being interviewed for a position, it felt like talking to a family member! I can say you are quite exceptional compared to other recruiters! You can easily get along with a potential candidate and get the best out of them. I definitely think you can gain a lot of popularity among the future candidates. – Talent”

We won’t give up until we find the right one

We advertise, but above all we look for the right candidates for the right assignment. We dare say that few work so hard and quickly to find the right candidates. We build on our network every day and the best candidates move on to the next step in the recruitment process.

“The recruiter’s attitude made me curious about the position, even though I had not intended to change employers at the time. After a conversation with Talenteer where I felt very reassured and got answers to all my concerns, I felt that I wanted to go further in the process and meet the company in question. The recruiter described the company and its culture so well that I thought she worked at that company but then realized she was just an external party. Impressed! – Talent”

Our talents know IT

We carry out tests to ensure that only the sharpest IT skills emerge. We only present candidates who really know what it’s all about.

“Totally recommend this service. We have used it already and are extremely satisfied with the result. This speed up the hiring process and let us focus on only interviewing top talent. Mio (CTO at Talenteer) is a tech wizard like no one else, so better have his team finding your new tech talent. – Michael Valdsgaard, London Dynamics, CEO”